Diocese of Hà Tĩnh

Diocese of Hà Tĩnh, Vietnam

Continent: South and East Asia 

Rite: Roman (Latin) 

Type: Diocese 

Ecclesiastical Province: Hà Nôi 

Neighbouring Dioceses: Savannakhet (↙), Vinh (↑), Huê (↘) 

Depends on: Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples 

Patron Saint: Mary Mother of God 


2018.12.22: Established as Diocese of Hà Tĩnh (Tiếng Việt) / 河靜 (正體中文) / Hatinhen(sis) (Latin) (from Diocese of Vinh) 

Special Churches

Cathedral: Nhà Thờ Chình Toà Thánh thiên thần Micae, Văn Hạnh, HÀ TĨNH, NORTH CENTRAL COAST 

Present Prelates

Bishop (2018.12.22 – ...): Bishop Paul Nguyễn Thái Hợp, O.P. (74)



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